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Why You Choose Short Term Accommodation Rentals

Short Term Accommodation Rentals in Mississauga provides the best of all possible worlds in terms of comfort, versatility, and practicality. The residential units we offer provide superb value for the money, and if you are in need of accommodations for several weeks or several months, you simply won't find a more cost-effective solution than our rental property offerings.

Short Term Accommodation Rentals in Mississauga


Short Term Accommodation Rentals in Mississauga offers a variety of residential and transient options for visitors to our fine city. We provide a host of fully-furnished, all-inclusive properties that are ready for occupancy this very minute. Whether you need temporary accommodations in preparation for a move, or you are simply assigned to the city for an extended period, we have just the perfect accommodations for you at a price that you will surely find very reasonable

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If you are planning to stay in Mississauga for longer than a couple of weeks, Short Term Accommodation Rentals in Mississauga is a much better option than booking a room at a hotel.


Mississauga is situated along the tranquil and majestic Lake Ontario shores


Diverse and modern city with a rich multicultural heritage and all the amenities you may need to enjoy a rewarding life.


Mississauga offers a wide variety of attractive community-based options


If you would like easy access to Mississauga but would prefer to live in a more tranquil setting

Planning to stay in Mississauga

Check out our many options in short term rental properties in Mississauga today, and you may just be able to find your perfect home away from home!

  • short term rental properties in Mississauga

    Short Term Rentals Mississauga

    Short Term Accommodation Rentals in Mississauga

  • short term rental properties in Mississauga.

    Short Term Accommodation Mississauga

    Short Term Rentals and Short Term Accommodation in Mississauga

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    Furnished Apartments Mississauga

    Furnished Apartments, Short Term Rentals and Short Term Accommodation in Mississauga

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Your units make for the perfect home offices while you are in town, giving you an effective–and cost-effective–base from which you could conduct your business.


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A short-period rental, or holiday rental, is letting out a fitted home, studio or condo for a short while. The landlord will normally lease out on a weekly base, but some vacation specific hotspots are offered on per night basis. The landlord may let out when they have no use for it or when it is unoccupied. During top holiday seasons like in December or New Year’s Eve and during the summers including the Independence Day festivities, the owners act like opportunists so that higher levies can be collected. It is also usual for people traveling to festivities like music fiestas or sports extravaganzas like the Super Bowl to rent studios or apartments rather than shell out the extra cash for over-the-top and expensive hotel bills.